Granny Danced in the Rain - A demmin novel

I was born in 1983 in Demmin in Germany, and now live, after a few years in Henley on Thames, on the banks of the Sognefjord in Balestrand in Norway.
Anyone who knows me, knows that this life on a fjord, far from home, was a long-cherished dream of mine. A dream that my better half James and I made come true a few years ago.
Even though I live more than 1000 kilometers away from my family and home Demmin, it now seems closer to me than ever before. Its history, its people, its macabre dreariness but also ist shattered beauty have shaped me. It is a special part of me, which I seem to discover again and start to understand better, maybe also due to the physical distance to it.
It was all the more special for me when I learned about the Norwegian book "Mormor danset i regnet" (Grandma dancing in the rain) in 2018. A novel that actually plays in "my" Demmin and which has never been translated into German.
I was then fortunate to meet its author Trude Teige and learn more about her book and background. I hope now, together with the author and her publisher, to get the book on the German market.